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Silver Duct Tape (ROLL)

  • $2.00
SKU: 47128X

Silver duct tape is a type of glossy, all-purpose tape. It is a poly cloth, extruded gloss tape with a white, aggressive, pressure-sensitive, solvent-free, rubber resin adhesive.

They're perfect for use in emergencies, maintenance, projects, and a variety of other uses.

Some key features of silver duct tape:

-Clean peel
-Conformable to awkward shapes
-Easy unwind and easy to tear
-Good adhesion to most surfaces
-Hand tearable
-Non-corrosive abrasive
-Water resistant finish
-Writable surface”

Silver Duct Tape

Silver duct tape is a reliable and versatile solution for all your repair needs. This high-quality tape adheres securely to surfaces because of its strong adhesive qualities, making it perfect for sealing, packing, and patching. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes due to its sleek silver tone, which adds a touch of class. The tape's durability and tear resistance provide enduring performance in various spaces. Silver duct tape is a worthy inclusion in every toolbox, regardless for home or commercial usage, ensuring that you are always ready for any repair task.