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Nintendo - Game Builder Garage

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Game Genre : Education, Training
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 105mm x 11mm x 169mm
Weight : 80g

In Game Builder Garage, the player uses a visual programming language centralized on the concept of creatures called Nodon. The Nodon represent various facets of input, game output, logic, and on-screen objects, such as a Stick Nodon that reports input from the Joy-Con analog stick or a Person Nodon that represents an on-screen character. The player builds a program by adding Nodon and making connections between the various nodes on Nodon, such as connecting the Stick Nodon to the Person Nodon as to tie the analog stick to movement of the character on-screen.

Nodon are available to interface nearly all features of the Switch and Joy-Con, including the infrared sensors and motion controls.

The game features a lesson mode to guide the player through using the Nodon language and to help them understand some of the principles of game development through a series of seven built-in games that the player can create.


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