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Hazard Warning Reflective Tapes - Yellow/Black (Reflective Tiger Tapes) (ROLL)

  • $8.00
Model: Yellow / Black
SKU: 33119x

Bian Soon Trading Co.'s hazard warning reflective tapes come in an extremely vivid and unmistakable yellow and black to warn against hazards and other potentially dangerous areas.

Completely self-adhesive, in a striped and recognisable pattern, the reflective tapes can adhere to any reasonably clean and flat surface and can be easily removed after use.

It is also highly reflective at night and is suitable for use in marking dark areas.




Self adhesive black and yellow striped tape used to warn against hazards,

It can adhere to any reasonably clean surface and can be easily removed. Highly refelective for visibility at night or in a drak area.