The Port Of Singapore - One Of The Busiest Ports In The World

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The Port Of Singapore : One Of The Busiest Ports In The World

May 25, 2020

The Singapore port is unanimously regarded to be the busiest port in the world. While generalising, it is referred to as the Singaporean port, it is in fact a collection of all porting and harbouring amenities offered by the nation to all international and national vessels in transit.

According to the 2005 statistics tabulated, the port of Singapore had catered to vessels exceeding over one-point-five billion in gross tonnage, making it the world’s busiest port. Alongside, the port was also categorised as the world’s most engaged port when it came to transhipment activities.

Transhipment activities are carried out on those cargo which need further work or modifications to be carried out before they can be transported to their intended final port of destination. In the international maritime arena, the Singaporean port undertakes many such vital transhipment activities, which has further enhanced its credibility amongst the other ports of the world.

  • The statistical figure of vessels’ gross tonnage catered to by the Singaporean port grew by 0.11 billion tonnes from 1.04 tonnes in 2004 to 1.15 tonnes in 2005
  • The port is now ranked second after the Shanghai port in terms of the cargo handled, handling over 400 million tonnes of cargo
  • Even in the container aspect, the port of Singapore container domain is a market leader in many ways
  • In the year 2011, the port handled almost 30 million Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) of containers
  • In terms of refrigerated cargo containers, the port handled over one million TEUs of refrigerated cargo containers in the year 2011
  • Vessels arriving at the busiest port, get easy route connexion to 600 various ports and harbours across the world
  • The port of Singapore is also well-known as a leading player in the international fuelling (bunkering) domain

The Singapore port has been presented with numerous awards and accolades by international marine societies and institutes. These acknowledgements act as a catalyst and also as a verifiable testimony about its achievements and activities. Two most noteworthy accolades presented to the busiest port of the world include the best port operator award conferred by Lloyd and the best container terminal award conferred by the Asian Freight and Supply Chain awards. Both these awards were won in the year 2011 and not for the first time.

The port of Singapore attempts to revitalise the Asian maritime industry while competing against its Chinese, Korean and Japanese counter-parts. Through a resourceful campaign, the nation has re-defined the perception of Asian players in the once-Western dominated marine industrial and shipping sector.

Posted by Hiteshk