Photoluminescent Tape

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Photoluminescent Tape 80MM x 10MTR (ROLL)

  • $44.00
Model: 80MM X 10MTR
SKU: 332018

Photoluminescent tapes are a kind of tape that allows for markings to be seen in low-light areas.

They are perfect for areas that receive a little ambient light for the photoluminescence to activate and the tape can fulfill its purpose.

Bian Soon Trading Co. provides photoluminescent tapes in many different lengths and styles: vinyl, arrow, green diagonal, red diagonal, and black diagonal.

Refer to the table below for more details: 

IMPA Code Length Design
332018 80mm x 10Meter Vinyl
332028 80mm x 10Meter Arrow 
332038 80mm x 10Meter Green Diagonal 
332048 80mm x 10Meter Black Diagonal 
332058 80mm x 10Meter Red Diagonal 





Application: Decoration, Performance using, Emergency signs, Saftety signs, Road guide, Warning, Directions, etc.


Plain / Vinyl safety tape - for general identification use, like marking of the rescue ways.

Wayfinding tape - for safe routes to exits (direction right)

Wayfinding tape - for safe routes to exits (direction left)

Arrow safety tape - for marking escape routes

Green diagonal tape - for indicating safe areas.

Black diagonal tape - for marking hazard areas and obstacles

Red diagonal tape - for marking fire hazard areas