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Pipe Identification Tape 50MM x 10MTR (ROLL)

  • $6.50
Model: 50MM x 10MTR
SKU: 332111

Pipe identification tapes are tapes used for the easy labelling of pipes and other objects.

They are mostly used by workers as it is essential to properly identify the direction and flow of all pipes, pipeline, and ductwork. It is more necessary when these pipes contain chemicals or other hazardous or toxic liquids.

Bian Soon Trading Co.'s pipe identification tapes come in all sorts of colours and sizes for even easier differentiation.


  • Pipe Identification Tapes help to create higher visibility and identify pipe content flow – you can choose from banding tape or directional flow arrow tape as per requirements.
  • Made from extremely durable materials, they can withstand some of the harshest environments.
  • Since they are printed with UV resistant inks, the tapes don’t fade on exposure to sunlight due to superior light fastness.
  • The tapes don’t get scratched easily and offer excellent resistance to chemical, water, oil, alcohol, and other solvents.
  • They have amazing lifespan due to a wide service temperature range.
  • Identification tapes can help to reduce accidents and damage to machinery – they help to improve safety by labelling pipes with each color indicating a certain gauge of substances.